High Tea Options In Singapore

In Singapore, high tea presents party guests with a unique experience. When attending a tea party, the guests are served tea along with a large meal that involves several courses. The menu selections are chosen according to the type of tea party scheduled. A local catering service provides the opportunity to schedule a tea party of guests of all ages.

Setting Up a Tea Party

When setting up a tea party, it is paramount to choose the right package. Tea parties for a group of friends may require a more elegant setting. However, when choosing a party or a children’s celebration, planners should consider a themed event based on the guest of honor’s preferences.

How Many Courses are Available?

Select catering services offer tea parties that offer between four and seven-course meals. The selections are served by a waitstaff, and all guests remain seated throughout the party. The courses are selected according to the package chosen by the planner for the specific event. If they are planning a themed party, it is best to choose the same number of courses as the event they are recreating.

What Menu Selections are Offered?

When choosing a tea party, the planner must choose from a variety of menu selections based on the total number of courses. For example, cold appetizers could include a multitude of small sandwiches such as egg salad, Japanese Maki, tuna, or crab meat. Hot snack options from which to choose include potato curry puffs, spring rolls, fish nuggets, small chicken wings, and fishcakes.

Select caterers may provide mini pastries for the tea party including lemon swiss rolls, vanilla cream puffs, and English carrot cake. The pastries are served before the main course. The main course provides larger portions than any other course. The type of cuisine chosen by the planner determines which entrees are available for the party.

In Singapore, high tea provides the opportunity to enjoy a variety of menu selections with friends or family. The events offer a chance for an elegant dining experience or a casual atmosphere according to the guest of honor’s preferences. Event planners who are setting up high tea are encouraged to contact local buffet catering services in Singapore right now.